Mark Geiger

I am a software engineer specializing in embedded systems, functional safety and software engineering. My main areas of work are in the fields of telecommunications, robotics and renewable energies.


2015 - 2018

M.Sc., Information Technology - University of Stuttgart

Embedded Systems, Thesis Title: Preliminary Hazard Analysis and Fault Handling Methods in Solar Thermal Power Plant Control Systems

2012 - 2015

B.Eng., Information technology - Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

Engineering IT, Thesis Title: Tessellation of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces using Multipass Shader Algorithms on the GPU

Professional Experience

Current Work:

since 01.2022:

Freelance, Embedded Software Engineer at Ingenieurbüro Geiger

  • Design and development of transmitter and sensor software
    • Low level driver development in C++ (SPI, OctoSpi, Uart, HART, etc …)
    • Software Architecture
    • Real-time processing
    • Embedded NOR-Flash file system
    • CI
    • CMake
  • Development of mobile robots
    • Low level driver development in C/C++
    • Robot application development in C++
since 04.2020

Lecturer at the DHBW Mannheim, Mannheim

  • Communication Technology
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Computer graphics
  • Robotics Applications with ROS

Other Work Experience:

03.2021 - 01.2022
Freelance, Field Application Engineer at Quectel Wireless Solutions
06.2019 - 02.2021
Embedded Software Developer at Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis, Gerlingen
09.2018 - 05.2019
Embedded Software Developer at VITES GmbH, Ottobrunn
10.2015 - 08.2018
Software Engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Stuttgart
10.2012 - 09.2015
Software Developer (Student) at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne

Technical Experience

Programming Languages
C/C++: Most used language in my daily professional work, used for firmware development in different projects, e.g. for sensors, transmitters, robotics and IoT-Applications.

Java: Most used language for my private projects, e.g. used for development of an artificial intelligence for soccer robots.

Python: Used daily, e.g. for automating tasks, build systems, plotting, data analysis, etc.

And many more

Other Experiences and Skills:

Project management
Project manager since 2013 at TIGERs Mannheim. Since 2022, CEO & Founder of PlainCore Robotics & Embedded Systems
Operating systems
Ubuntu, OSE (RTOS), ChibiOS (RTOS), FreeRT, Zephyr, Petalinux, Windows
Git, SVN, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Gitlab, Sonarqube, IntelliJ, CLion, VisualVM, Common Office Tools, Polarion, Jira
Zynq7000-Soc, STM32, MSP430, ATMega168

Other Qualifications:

RoboCup - Project

The student team “TIGERs Mannheim” from DHBW Mannheim has been participating in international RoboCup tournaments since 2011. The robots are completely self-developed and have to compete in a robot soccer match without any outside intervention.
Member since 2012, Team Leader since 2013
  • Development in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Organization of international events
  • Task distribution and team management
  • Support in the development and maintenance of the robots
  • Marketing and sponsoring
Participation in Tournaments
  • RoboCup 2023 France, 1st place, Best Paper Award, 1st place Technical Challenge, Excellence Award
  • RoboCup 2022 Thailand, 1st place, Open Source Award, Best Paper Award, 1st place Technical Challenge
  • RoboCup 2021 World, 1st place, Open Source Award, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award, 1st place Hardware Challenge, 1st place Technical Challenge
  • RoboCup 2019 Australia, 4th place, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award
  • RoboCup 2018 Canada, 3rd place, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award
  • RoboCup 2017 Japan, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award
  • RoboCup 2016 Germany, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware, Best Paper Award, first place Technical Challenge, Most improved Team
  • IranOpen 2016, 4th place
  • RoboCup 2015 China, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy
  • IranOpen 2015, 4th place
  • RoboCup 2014 Brazil, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy
  • RoboCup 2013 Netherlands



• +49 (0)15 789 077035 • 32 years old
Muldenstr. 45 - Ittlingen, Germany