Mark Geiger

I am a software engineer specializing in embedded systems, functional safety and software engineering. My main areas of work are in the fields of telecommunications, robotics and renewable energies.


2015 - 2018

M.Sc., Information Technology - University of Stuttgart

Embedded Systems, Thesis Title: Preliminary Hazard Analysis and Fault Handling Methods in Solar Thermal Power Plant Control Systems

2012 - 2015

B.Eng., Information technology - Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

Engineering IT, Thesis Title: Tessellation of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces using Multipass Shader Algorithms on the GPU

Professional Experience

Current Work:

since 05.2022:

CEO & Founder of PlainCore Robotics & Embedded Systems

  • Providing engineering services
  • Development of IoT-Products
since 01.2022:

Freelance, Embedded Software Engineer at Ingenieurbüro Geiger

  • Design and development of transmitter and sensor software
    • Low level driver development in C++ (SPI, OctoSpi, Uart, HART, etc …)
    • Software Architecture
    • Real-time processing
  • Embedded NOR-Flash file system
    • CMake
  • Development of mobile robots
    • Low level driver development in C/C++
    • Robot application development in C++
since 04.2020

Lecturer for Advanced Software Engineering and Information/Communication Technology at the DHBW Mannheim, Mannheim

  • Methods for software quality assurance (SOLID, OOP, class design, Exception Safety, Testing)
  • Embedded systems
  • Architectural Design and System Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering & Safety Engineering
  • Risk Assessment Methods
  • Signals & Systems
  • OSI Layers
  • Mobile radio

Other Work Experience:

03.2021 - 01.2022
Freelance, Field Application Engineer at Quectel Wireless Solutions
06.2019 - 02.2021
Embedded Software Developer at Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis, Gerlingen
09.2018 - 05.2019
Embedded Software Developer at VITES GmbH, Ottobrunn
10.2015 - 08.2018
Software Engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Stuttgart
10.2012 - 09.2015
Software Developer (student) at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne

Technical Experience

Programming Languages
C/C++: Most used language in my daily professional work, used for firmware development in different projects, e.g. for sensors, transmitters, robotics and IoT-Applications.

Java: Most used language for my private projects. Used for development of an artificial intelligence for soccer robots, a control system for solar power plants and lots of smaller projects.

Python: Used almost daily but for smaller scripts, e.g. for automating tasks, build systems, plotting, data analysis, etc.

And many more

Other Experiences and Skills:

Project management
Project manager since 2013 at TIGERs Mannheim. Since 2022, CEO & Founder of PlainCore Robotics & Embedded Systems
Operating systems
Ubuntu, Debian, OSE (RTOS), ChibiOS (RTOS), CentOS, Petalinux (embedded), Windows
Git, SVN, Eclipse, Vivado, Visual Studio, Maven, Jenkins, Gitlab, Sonarqube, Mantis, Trac, IntelliJ, CLion, VisualVM, Common Office Tools, Polarion, Jira
Zynq7000-Soc, STM32F4xx, STM32L4xx, STM32L0xx, STM32H7xx, MSP430

Other Qualifications:

RoboCup - Project

The student team “TIGERs Mannheim” from DHBW Mannheim has been participating in international RoboCup tournaments since 2011. The robots are completely self-developed and have to compete in a robot soccer match without any outside intervention.
Member since 2012, Team Leader since 2013
  • Development in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Organization of international events
  • Task distribution and team management
  • Support in the development and maintenance of the robots
  • Marketing and sponsoring
Participation in Tournaments
  • RoboCup 2022 Thailand, 1st place, Open Source Award, Best Paper Award, 1st place Technical Challenge
  • RoboCup 2021 World, 1st place, Open Source Award, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award, 1st place Hardware Challenge, 1st place Technical Challenge
  • RoboCup 2019 Australia, 4th place, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award
  • RoboCup 2018 Canada, 3rd place, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award, Excellence Award
  • RoboCup 2017 Japan, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy, Best Paper Award
  • RoboCup 2016 Leipzig, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware, Best Paper Award, first place Technical Challenge, Most improved Team
  • IranOpen 2016, 4th place
  • RoboCup 2015 China, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy
  • IranOpen 2015, 4th place
  • RoboCup 2014 Brazil, Top 8, Open Source / Hardware Trophy
  • RoboCup 2013 Netherlands



• +49 (0)15 789 077035 • 31 years old
Laichlestr. 54/2 - Gerlingen, Germany