Mark Geiger

Embedded Systems - Software Engineering
Functional Safety


The Anatomy of this Website

Webdev DevOps

Quick description of the setup of this website. Uses docker containers, apache2, markdown, pandoc and python generators.

Intercepting fast rolling balls with omnidirectional soccer robots

Robot Soccer Simulation

This article shows a systematic approach of the implementation process of an algorithm for the fast interception of rolling balls with omnidirectional wheeled robots.

An Introduction To Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis - Regarding Functional Safety

Functional Safety

The Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis (SFMEA) is a method to analyze the safety characteristics of critical systems that are based on software. The method is based on the Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), which is widely used and known in industry.

A Quick Guide On Software Testing


In a software development project, errors can appear in any of the stages of the life cycle, the later they appear the more effort is needed to fix those errors.

Meeting Energy Demands in Sustainable and Carbon Free Economies on Domestic and International Scale


Climate change poses a serious challenge for each nation. Many nations started transitioning towards a carbon free energy production in order to mitigate a temperature increase above 2 degrees Celsius.

On Target Heliostat Calibration


Calibration of heliostats while tracking on the receiver.

STM32F4xx And ChibiOS


This is a quick guide on how to start with a STM32 eval board and ChibiOS. In this example I started a small project with a STM32F429 discovery board and the CibiOS version 18.2.1.


Professional software development, focusing on embedded systems, software engineering and functional safety.

Works with C++, Python, CMake, CI and many more.

Graduated from University Stuttgart, majoring in Information Technology.

Currently freelancing as Embedded Software Engineer.

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